Old czech dining chair

The original chairs are premium quality made, way better than lots of new furniture these days. With this renewal I expanded the life of the chairs for at least another 30-50 years. The best thing to do to our environment is to use products as long as possible and to fix broken things. 

These two chairs what I currently have in this collection are made in collaboration with Macondo textil. The chairs are mid-century czech dining chairs, I renewed the wood and re-upholstered with a unique handmade textile from Macondo.

This project directed me to find more environmentally friendly, natural solutions I can work with, in this case sustainable textiles for the upholstery.

Macondo textil upholstery


Materials I use are environmentally friendly products, like natural oils, oil or water based paints and beewax.



All conceptual products are unique and handmade by me in my workshop or with a help of local craftsmen.
These products are art objects with a function, not just simple furnitures.

Products from the collection